Counselling Centre Spring Newsletter 2018

Dear Friends of the Centre:

Despite the ongoing wintry weather and the fact the highways were impassable
this morning, the robins are singing defiantly, yet sweetly, the redpoll finches are
vying for space at the bird feeders and the bunnies that live on my patio are
steadfastly preparing for the arrival of Spring!!

I am happy to invite all of you to our upcoming Annual General Meeting on
May 28, 2018 at Central United Church at 7:30 p.m. and would like to make a
Special request – with a view to further heightening awareness of the Centre’s
work, PLEASE be sure to invite a friend to join you at the AGM. This meeting
serves as an excellent means of introducing those who may be unfamiliar with our
Vision and Mandate to this place about which we are so passionate. This year,
Along with a pleasant evening of fellowship, home baked desserts and
refreshment, we are thrilled to welcome Allison Done, Woman of Distinction
Award for Lifetime Achievement winner, as our Guest Speaker.
Please RSVP by Friday, May 25.

I continue to be honoured to serve in my position at the Centre and am grateful
for the opportunity that I experience to learn and grow. The Board of Directors
has been an amazing source of support and wisdom this past fiscal year and
Shelley Hodgson, our ever-cheerful Administrative Assistant works diligently to
help keep us organized and happy.

Thank you for keeping The Counselling Centre in your thoughts and prayers.


Heather Karrouze
Executive Director
Counselling Centre Spring Newsletter 2018